Frequently asked questions

Q: Can ESLIN be used on cryogenic lines?
A: We do not recommend any fibrous insulation be used on cryogenic lines. 

Q: What is the lead time for ESLIN?
A: To get an accurate lead time it is best to contact your ESLIN Representative for lead times.  Lead times can vary.  And on large orders, we can stagger deliveries to help with space constraints and inventory management.

Q: Is there any special training needed to install ESLIN?
A: ESLIN is safe and easy to install.  ESLIN is installed similar to other preformed pipe and board insulation.   

Q: How easy is it to cut ESLIN?
A: ESLIN is very easy to cut.  A scalloped knife can be used to cut out for appurtenances, inspection ports, heat tracing, etc.  A sodium silicate based adhesive like Vimasco 760, Childers CP-97 or something similar can be used to construct elbows or valve boxes.  A band saw can also be used to cut ESLIN.