Product Offerings


ESLIN™ is a revolutionary Industrial Insulation product that is competitively priced (on a thermal basis) with Calcium Silicate and Perlite.  And, that is only the beginning of the savings your facility will realize with this product.

  • Available in two-piece standard piping sizes (1/2” to 40” diameter).  Other products are supplied in four or more pieces in larger sizes --- Good installation savings.
  • Available in single thicknesses up to 4” thick.  Never have to install multiple layers of insulation again --- Significant installation savings.
  • Available pre-formed to fit the curvature of your tank, vessel, exchanger or other equipment.   No more using “block” material on these applications --- Significant installation savings.
  • ESLIN™ SCUI (coated for water resistance) has superior water repellency performance compared to Calcium Silicate and Mineral Wool.  
  • High Density 12.5 lb/f³
  • Lower Chloride Content.  Meets ASTM 795. 
  • Non hazardous inorganic binders are used.
  • Unbreakable – No Breakage -- may be reused if taken off for maintenance purposes.
  • Rated up to 1400°F.
  •  Continuous E-Glass fiber structure has practically no dust compared to other “glass” products.
  • REDUCED TURNAROUND SCHEDULES.   Significantly less labor requirement.  Faster installation gets the job done quicker.  How much is it worth to get your plant up and running a day or two earlier?
  • Proven performance at numerous refineries, power plants and petro-chemical plants.